Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Simulation of Stability Control for In-Wheel Motored Vehicle Using Fuzzy PID Controller
Abdussalam Ali Ahmed, and Başar Özkan
2Analyses of Composite Sandwich Plates Using Higher Order Computational Models
S. Shantharama Patil
3Experimental Performance Testing of APA Stack Actuator for a 2 DOF Microgripper
Royson Donate D’Souza
4Optimization of Process Parameters in Minimum Quantity Lubrication by Taguchi Method
Shamnad M, and Thulaseedharan Raman
5Application of Co-Flow Jet Concept to Aircraft Lift Increase
Sai Likitha Siddanathi,
6Modeling Weak Discontinuities in Saturated Porous Medium by Using Extended Finite Element Method
E. Mikaeili, and M.T. Kazemi
7The Production of “Dioctyl Terephthalate” to replace “Dioctyl Phthalate” by using Costing Measures in Iran
Milad Shokrolahi
8BCI Autonomous Assistant System with Seven Tasks for Assisting Disable People
Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan, Abdul Hamid Adom, Paulraj Murugesa Pandiyan, Sathees Kumar Nataraj, and Marni Azira Markom
9Indoor Scanning and Mapping using Mobile Robot and RP Lidar
Marni Azira Markom, Shazmin Aniza Abdul Shukor, Abdul Hamid Adom, Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan, and Ali Yeon Md Shakaff
10Human Fall Detection using Maximum Euclidean Distance and Ellipse Approximation
Dujtep Thawonsusin and Pranchalee Samanpiboon
11Modeling Clustered-Hole Nozzle Sprays Using Advanced Liquid-Gas Phase Coupling Method
Sungwook Park, Daesik Kim, Hyungu Roh, and Mun Soo Chon
12Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters on Defects Generation in Copper to AA6061-T651 friction stir Welding
Kush P. Mehta, and Vishvesh J. Badheka
13Erosive Wear Behaviour of Ni-WC Coatings Developed by Flame Spraying
Rambabu Arji, and D. K. Dwivedi
14Fabrication of Copper/Reinforced Carbon Nanotube Bipolar Plate Using Cold Spray Technique
Emmanuel Ajayi, Agrippa Hamweendo, and Ionel Botef
15Formation of Micropillars on Titanium Alloy of Ti6Al4V by R-MEDM Process
Rakesh V. Chaudhari, Ashish Saxena, Harit Raval, and Asim Tewari
16Experimental Investigation on Effects of Carrier Solvent and Oxide Fluxes in Activated TIG Welding of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel
Jay J. Vora, and Vishvesh J. Badheka
17Safety Analysis of Sea Transportation in Indonesia Case study : Crossing Between Countries in Sumatra Island (Batam - Singapore)
Danny Faturachman, Yoseph Arya Dewanto, and Gatot Dwi Adiatmojo
18Design and Optimization of a Low Cost MEMS Piezorezistive Pressure Transducer for Pneumatic Systems
Popescu-Cuta, O.G. Dontu, C.D. Comeaga and V.I. Gheorghe
19Utilization of Locally Available Raw Clay for Property Enhancement of Polymer Composite by Clay Particle Size Control
M.A.S.R. Saadi, and M.A.Islam
20Surface Integrity of Wire Electrical Discharge Machined Surface of Titanium Alloy
Siva Prasad Arikatla, Dr K.Tamil Mannan, Dr Arkanti Krishnaiah and Ch.V.Krishna Rao
21Equilibrium Analysis of a Four Strut Tensegrity Mechanism
Melvin McCray, and Carl Crane
22Evaluating Deployable Solar Panel Option in Earth Observation Micro-satellite Design Optimization
Robertus H. Triharjanto, Ridanto E. Poetro, Hari Muhammad, and Soewarto Hardhienata
23A Just-In-Time Modeling Approach to Obstacle Avoidance Control of a Car
Tatsuya Kai and Shunsuke Miyashita
24Model Matching H∞ State Feedback Controller Design using Linear Matrix Inequality Optimization Method for Obtaining Negative Stiffness on 4-Pole U-type Hybrid Electromagnet
Baris Can Yalcin, Kadir Erkan
25Heat Transfer Simulation for Nano-Coated Glass in Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Almogbel, Saleh Alajlan and Shafqat Hussain
26New Approach to Design and Representation of Large Yachts as Consenquence of New Diesel Electric Propulsion Systems
M. E. Ruggiero, and V. Ruggiero